We’d spent a week working on our article, racking our brains for things you can’t do in Lisbon (although we’d only come up with two: going up the Empire State building and hosting the Winter Olympics, complete with Alpine piste and Jamaican bob-sleigh team).

These points aside, Lisbon has it all: the laid-back elegance of its suggestive architecture, friendly, educated people, sun and sea, a broad spectrum of cuisine ranging from delicious traditional recipes all the way through to gourmet cooking to cater to more refined palates… and, of course, a vast Christian tradition spanning two millennia. Catholics, take note.

One good way to discover Lisbon’s churches is to download the free app Missas em Lisboa (Masses in Lisbon). You don’t have to be a genius to work out that this aplicaçao contains a wealth of crucial information on all—or nearly all—the masses in the Portuguese capital. It’s a veritable compendium of times and addresses.