Porto, Gabe Klinger’s debut film, takes a similar staring point to Before Sunrise: an American guy and a French girl meet by chance in a European city and experience an intense love affair that lasts just one night. The parallels between the two films end there, however.

Linklater’s movie is conceived as a fragment of the characters’ lives, a parenthesis in Jesse and Celine’s respective existences which occupies a specific time frame, from when they meet on the train until that sunrise in a Viennese park.

Porto, on the other hand, plays tricks with time, mixing past with present and alternating different cinematographic formats that serve as chronological markers.

The portrayal of the characters’ present-day unhappiness makes Porto an extremely melancholic film, which fits perfectly with the look of this gorgeous city on the banks of the Duero. Porto provides the ideal setting for this fleeting yet unforgettable love story: its cafes (like the classic Ceuta, where the protagonists begin their romance), its pebbled streets and aged buildings lend a timeless air to their romance.

Some of the city’s most emblematic monuments appear at different points in the movie; one of them is the Dom Luis I Bridge, which dates from 1886 and offers unbeatable views to the river and old town.  


Tittle: Porto (2016)

Director: Gabe Klinger

Writers: Larry Gros, Gabe Klinger

Cinematography: Wyatt Garfield

Cast: Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas, Paulo Calatré